New Mandela Effects – Numerical Order

New Mandela Effects #1 – Nelson Mandela – Date of Death

New Mandela Effects #2 – Risky Business

New Mandela Effects #3 – The Berenstain vs. The Berenstein Bears

New Mandela Effect #4 – Forrest Gump Quote “Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates”

New Mandela Effect #5 – Star Wars Quote “Luke, I Am Your Father”

New Mandela Effect #6 – The Lion and the Lamb Bible Verse

New Mandela Effects #7 – “We Are the Champions” Lyrics by Queen

New Mandela Effects #8 – Fruit Loops or Froot Loops

New Mandela Effects #9 – Sex And The City vs. Sex In The City

New Mandela Effect #10 – Disney Snow White Quote “Mirror Mirror On The Wall”

New Mandela Effect #11 – Looney TOONS or Looney TUNES?

New Mandela Effect #12 – Crocodile Dundee – “That’s Not a Knife….”

New Mandela Effect #13 – Field of Dreams “If You Build It….”

New Mandela Effect #14 – Star Wars – C3PO- Silver Leg – Red Hand, Antenna on Head, Red Arm

New Mandela Effect #16 – Oscar Meyer or Oscar Mayer?

New Mandela Effect #19 – Cheshire Cat Quote From Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

New Mandela Effect #20 – Disney Alice In Wonderland – Tweedledee & Tweedledum Hats

New Mandela Effect #21 – Ed McMahon – Publishers Clearing House

New Mandela Effects #26 – Mister Rogers Theme Song – Mr. Rogers

New Mandela Effects #27 – Rock’em Sock’em Robots Commercial

New Mandela Effects #28 – Grease Movie -Song Lyric & Scene Changes

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