New Mandela Effects # 26 – Mister Rogers Theme Song – Mr. Rogers

So The Mandela Effect Is: Does the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood song start with “It’s a Beautiful Day in THE Neighborhood or “It’s a Beautiful Day in THIS Neighborhood?”

This is another one of those effects where I simply ask people around my age group to sing the first two lines of this “burned in the brain” song. (Remember again – this was when we ONLY had 7 television channels to choose from.)

I mention nothing about the Mandela Effect.  There is no build up whatsoever. and this is a Mandela Effect  you can easily try out for yourself. Simply walk up to anyone over the age of 40 and ask them to sing the first two lines of the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood song.

I think you be will be quite surprised by the response.

Below is a clip of the “New” version. (As of 2/16/19 we have not yet been able to find any residual evidence of the version most of us remember – but we are still looking and will update this post if we find some.)

New Mandela Effects – Mr. Rogers “It’s a Beautiful Day in THIS Neighborhood”

Credit Source: YouTube: Rheyr Lola

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