New Mandela Effects # 14 – Star Wars C-3PO’s Silver Leg

So The New Mandela Effect Is: Has C-3P0 always had one silver leg or was he once all gold colored?

Updated: 4/15/19 – More Possible Mandela Changes to C3P0 – Black Hand – Antenna on top of head….see more below in this article.

When it comes to The Mandela Effect, it appears the classic Star Wars movies have been affected more often and in more ways than any other movie (to date at least).

We have already discussed one of the most talked about changes in one of our other articles New Mandela Effect # 5 – Star Wars Quote “Luke, I Am Your Father” where the infamous Darth Vader quote changed from “Luke I Am Your Father” to “No, I Am Your Father”.

The second biggest Mandela Effect when it comes to Star Wars is the question Did C-3PO always have one silver leg? There is almost just as much debate about this subject as the Darth Vader quote.

I’m afraid I was never really a huge Star Wars fan myself, so unfortunately, I don’t have much useful input for this conversation.

However, let’s start by saying the actor Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO in the Star Wars movies, confirms that Yes, C-3PO always DID have a silver leg. He even mentions the possible reason it might have gone unnoticed by so many was due to its mirrored reflection. “It (the silver leg) would reflect the gold leg, and it would reflect in the desert, so it acted more of like a mirror.”

Mandela Effect – C3P0 Actor Anthony Daniels with Silver Leg Costume

He went on to say “Even the stills photographer, John Jay, came up to me one day and said, ‘Why are you wearing a silver leg today?’ Now, he was the stills photographer, and he hadn’t noticed.” the actor reflected.

So that could explain why so many of us may have overlooked it in the original movies….to a point.

Merchandising however is a whole different story. I’ve mentioned before that I have been selling collectibles on Ebay for over 20 years, and that has included many Star Wars items and collectibles. If I had to hazard a guess, I probably sold at least 30 different C-3PO figures in various forms and only ONE had a silver leg. It was a newer Star Wars “Black Series” Figure.

(Ebay Sidenote: I am fascinated to have just discovered that Ebay sellers are now actually selling C-3P0 figures under the title “Mandela Effect Figure with Silver Leg” – so it appears that The Mandela Effect is indeed still picking up speed and interest as it is hitting mainstream sites. )

So were toymakers such as Kenner just lazy when they made so many solid gold colored C-3PO figures back in the day? Was it simply more cost effective to make the figures one solid color, or…. was that how they actually remembered him? 

Another 4/15/19 Update: I have recently come across another interesting new update while cruising Youtube. Under a video titled Abnormal Truth – Mandela Effect – The silver leg of C-3PO?Credit Source: YouTubeAbnormal Truth Channel

There was a comment made under the video by Hybridhor who wrote: “C3P0 has had three changes. Firstly, he was ALWAYS gold. First Mandela Effect he now has a silver leg. Back in January he changed again, and now has an antenna sticking out of his forehead. In the last few months a third change. Now he has black palms. None of these changes match my reality. Keep watching because he WILL change more.”

And I tend to believe and agree with Hybridhor. While again, I don’t know exactly what is behind or the cause of the The Mandela Effect, if there is “someone or someones” behind it – they are certainly fascinated with this Classic movie Series. Because it does “appear” the changes keep on coming!

Mandela Effect C-3PO With Silver Leg

Mandela Effect C-3PO With Silver Leg
New Mandela Effects Star Wars C-3P0 with Black Hand
Mandela Effect C-3PO With Black Hand
Mandela Effect C-3PO With Antenna on Head

Mandela Effect C-3PO With Antenna on Head

But again, because I am not a personal fan, I can’t state anything for certainty. As I come across more articles – it seems TRUE Die-Hard Star Wars fans are fully aware of many of the changes and that there are legitimate reasons behind them according to the different movies’ storylines.

For example, it appears that in the Star Wars movie The Force Awakens C3PO finally got refitted with two gold legs, though it appears he also acquired a new red arm so he is still a bit mismatched looking.

Mandela Effect C-3PO with Red Arm
Mandela Effect C-3PO with Red Arm

Therefore, that means the red arm in NOT a Mandela Effect and the two gold legs DOES actually occur in at least one movie.

I have to admit – this particular article is almost becoming too difficult to write, because I truly can’t keep up with ALL of the changes, when and if they occurred, if there are legitimate reasons behind them, etc.

And because almost all of the information I am gathering is from the internet, I also can’t swear by any of its validity.

So I am going to leave this one up to the comments and discussion boards below. If there are any Star Wars fans who can bring some clarity to these C-3P0 changes, please feel free to chime in below.   

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