New Mandela Effects #9 – Sex And The City vs. Sex In The City

So the Mandela Effect Is:

Is it Sex AND the City or Sex IN the City?

This is a Mandela effect that is under debate even in my own household, and strangely enough, it is divided by men and women. My husband, brother and stepfather swear it was and always has been Sex And the City. While all of the women in my family absolutely remember it as Sex IN the City.

This is one of the first effects I have come across where “gender remembering” seems to make a difference. Because when we have brought this particular one up in public we have found the same results – most men seem to remember it as “AND” and most women remember it as “IN”.

Not that this means anything at all. It is such a small sampling of people there is no way to draw any conclusion from it other that I personally find it interesting.

Sex in the City Sex And The City Mandela EffectI did wonder however if the fact that it was us women who actually watched the show religiously week after week, have the theme song burned in our brains, (it’s actually playing in my head now as I type this) and watched Carrie’s dress be ruined week after week by the same bus puddle, if maybe we have a better chance of remembering it  more accurately.

Or maybe the same could be said for all loyal fans vs. those that didn’t watch the show that often.

Also there is something tricky about any Mandela Effect that has to do with the changing of smaller words such as: and, if, in, is, the, etc.  It has been shown that the human brain has a natural tendency to fill these words in or can easily overlook them such as the following  Brain Teaser:

Count the “f”s in this passage:


If you answered three then you would agree with most of the population …and unfortunately would be wrong. The correct answer is six. Chances are you skipped over the 3 f’s that were in the word “of”.

So it is mind tricks such as these that cast doubt that The Mandela Effect is anything more than our own minds playing tricks on us.

That is however… UNTIL…. you have “residual” effects such as the ones below.

I know, I know, ironic that Donald Trump happened to be one of the presenters, HOWEVER that is one TOUGH video to argue. This was an awards show – where all FOUR stars of the show were up for awards. The name of the show repeated over and over again.  You would have to figure at SOME point the  presenters or announcer would have to have been corrected if they were saying it wrong.  Especially given that the HBO series seemed to run the night.  Getting the actual name of the show wrong that many times would be a pretty big deal.

And then there was the Sex In The City Licensed Product Line. A whole line of beauty products ALL mislabeled. Another HUGE faux paux that someone would definitely been fired over.


Lastly, to me at least, was the subject of the show itself. It was about 4 women having Sex while living IN the City. The ups, the downs, the ins, the outs, the good, the bad and the ugly.  To me Sex AND the City sounded like we were talking about the City’s love life.

And then ironically while doing further research on this particular Mandela Effect, I did in fact come across a comment on reddit where someone said that “The creator said the show was about sex and that the city was a character in itself.”  I couldn’t find proof of that quote myself anywhere, but I guess it might be possible.

So How Do You Remember The Title of This Television Show?

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