New Mandela Effects #8 – Fruit Loops or Froot Loops

So The Mandela Effect Is: Is the popular fruity flavored cereal called FROOT Loops or FRUIT Loops?

If you are a cereal fan (especially in the “old” days before electronic gadgets held most of our attention) chances are you spent quite a bit of time staring at this box on the kitchen table while eating your cereal. After all,  there was nothing else to look at. So the question now is…how do you remember it being spelled? Was it FRUIT Loops or FROOT Loops?

The correct answer (at least in Mandela Land) is FROOT.

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And in case you thought it was “Fruit” and think maybe the name had simply been changed by the company – it hasn’t. According to Kellogg’s, not only has it always been spelled Froot – there is actually an interesting reason behind it.

They wanted to showcase the 4 different colored flavored loops included in the cereal and were able to do that by putting two of the O’s (green and purple) in Froot and the other two O’s (Blue and Yellow) in Loops.

(Though I can’t exactly say what “flavor” Blue or green represented because basically they all tasted the same to me, I think the reasoning behind it is pretty clever.)

However this is quite a shocker for many of those old box studiers who spent quite a few years staring at it.

As for me personally, I always remembered it as being Loops with the two O’s so this isn’t as big an effect for me. For others however this is considered one of the bigger Mandela shockers as they would swear it was Fruit for many years.

So How Do You Remember Froot Loops Being Spelled?

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