New Mandela Effects # 7 – “We Are the Champions” Lyrics by Queen

So the Mandela Effect Is: Off the top of your head – what are the last three words of this very classic song as you remember it?

Is it “We are the Champions”….or is it “Of the World?”

This is one of those Mandela Effects that personally drives me crazy because the so-called “new” version just sort of leaves you hanging.

The second thing that bothers me is that I simply don’t remember it that way.  If the “unfinished” ending drives me crazy now – it would’ve always drove me crazy.

I have heard this song 4 different times since learning about this Mandela Effect. One of those places was in a 20 year old movie. The song was playing in the background and sure enough it ended “We Are The Champions…” with no ending – with no “Of the World”.

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These are the freakier aspects of the Mandela Effect. When you see a “change”that appears in a movie or a book from over 20 years ago and sit there in wonder on how on Earth could it be possible?

Even if things have changed in this “current reality” how can songs or books from decades ago also demonstrate that change?

However, then again we have “residue” that also remembers it the other way. Such as Disney’s 2005 movie “Chicken Little”  where Ace ‘Chicken Little’ Cluck seems to remember the last three words “Of The World” quite well.

So which is it? The “old” way or the “new” way?

Well actually in this case – it looks like the answer might be both.

The fact is there are 2 versions of this classic song.

There is the original Studio version (from Queen’s own Youtube channel) located below – where the last 3 words are NOT included:

And then there is the Live Version – (also from Queen’s own channel) located below where the last three words ARE included:

Therefore in this instance it is hard to prove either way if this is an actual Mandela Effect.

I will still personally stand by the fact that I remember always listening to the Studio version on the radio, CDs, Ipod, etc AND STILL always “heard” the last 3 words, but memories ARE faulty, so this one I will have to leave as an “I don’t know for sure.”

UPDATE: 1/18/18 – Funny YouTube Video of George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Gwen Stefani and James Corden’s Reaction to “We are the Champions Mandela Effect”


Credits: Much of the information for this article has come from an extremely lively discussion on the topic at Reddit.  You can view it by clicking on the little reddit guy.

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So How Do You Remember The Song Ending?

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