New Mandela Effect #6 – The Lion and the Lamb Bible Verse

So The Mandela Effect Is:

Did the Lion Lay Down with the Lamb or Did the Lion Lay Down with the Wolf as written in the Bible?

This would be considered another HUGE Mandela Effect considering that this one has shook so many people to the core!

After all, the Bible is the most widely read book in the world as well as the one most often memorized and quoted. And often times…misquoted.

Basically the premise of this effect is that many (if not most) people who studied the bible remember the original Isaiah 11:6 biblical verse as being “The Lion Will Lay Down With the Lamb” and that somehow in the last few years, due to the Mandela Effect, it has now changed from Lion to Wolf.

This effect has had so many people, including many of the clergy, running to their decades old bibles only to be stunned to discover that it does, now in fact, say Wolf. The other interesting thing about this effect is that there is so much “residual” evidence to back up The Lion verse.

new mandela effects, mandela effect bible, bible mandela effects, the lion and the lamb mandela effect, and the lion shall lay down with the lamb changed to wolf, the lion shall lay down with the lamb not found in bible, Not only are hundreds of people on Reddit and other online forums claiming to distinctly remember pictures of the Lion and the Lamb hanging on the walls of their bible study classes, but even a search in google images shows dozens and dozens of pictures of Lions together with Lambs, as opposed to just a mere few showing wolves. (Well at least that was the case until this Mandela Effect had become so popular that there are far more pictures with wolves currently.)

Another thing that has people mystified when it comes to this effect is that a wolf does not seem to carry the same message that the Lion did.  After all Lions are known to be these wonderful majestic creatures while wolves are looked at more like animals that are more crafty and mistrusted.

In doing further research on this particular phenomenon, we have come across some opinions claiming that this is, and has been for quite a few years, a common bible “misconception” or “misquote.” And that it is being confused with other sayings or portions of the bible which apparently happens quite often.

The following article “What the Bible Means By The Lion and The Lamb Shall Lay Down Together” written by Andrew Corbett is an example of how some people might confuse it with other passages.

As for myself, I am not overly familiar with the Bible, so I cannot give much of a personal opinion on this one.

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Credits: The Lion and The Lamb Shall Lay Down Together Explained by Andrew Corbet

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