New Mandela Effect # 5 – Star Wars Quote “Luke, I Am Your Father”

So The Mandela Effect Is: What Did Darth Vadar actually say to Luke when he revealed that he was his father. Was It “LUKE I Am Your Father” or “NO, I Am Your Father?”

Another huge Mandela Effect that has really gotten people’s attention is the famous line from the movie Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back” When Darth Vader reveals to Luke Skywalker that he is his father.

This was a major surprise revelation to most Star Wars fans at the time. (It was even a major revelation to the actor James Earl Jones who played Darth Vadar.) Therefore it is not really surprising that the line has become so well known and famous.

Therefore, when it “suddenly” changed from “Luke I am Your Father” to “No I Am Your Father” there was a huge reaction from both Star Wars and even non-Star Wars fans alike.

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Darth Vader “Luke, I Am Your Father”

This is another Mandela Effect that also has “residue”. There are at least 2 Videos where the actor James Earl Jones, who plays Darth Vadar actually discusses the famous line in an interview.  (See video below).  So when you have the actor himself saying how surprised he was reading the script to find out that Darth Vadar is Luke’s father and he uses the words Luke I Am Your Father – it is a little difficult to dispel this one.

Credit Source: Gerald Chung Channel

Then there is also this youtube video of a 2005 Darth Vadar ornament that does indeed say “Luke I Am Your Father and sounds as if it was taken directly from the movie.

Credit Source: Brian MacFarlane Channel

This ornament  is a 2005 Hallmark ornament. Being the company that it is, again it is a little hard to believe they would have gotten the quote wrong.

More Residue From “Luke” Himself

Below is a YouTube video where Mark Hamil makes an appearance on the television show Saturday Night Live.

And in the skit Mark issues the words himself.

Credit Source: Saturday Night Live Channel

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