New Mandela Effect #4 – Forrest Gump Quote “Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates”

So the Mandela Effect Is: Is the very famous line from the movie Forrest Gump starting Tom Hanks “Life IS Like A Box of Chocolates” or “Life WAS Like a Box of Chocolates?”

If you chose “Life IS like a box of chocolates” you are definitely not alone, however you would be wrong. This is another one of those effects that attracted people to the concept of The Mandela Effect in the first place.

And this is another one that has a lot of residual evidence to back it up.

The following is a video where Tom Hanks pokes fun at himself in a television skit and actually utters the famous words the way we remember them!

This second piece of evidence is actually a clip from a documentary made about the movie Forrest Gump and sure enough you actually see Tom Hanks say the famous line. It was shot from a different camera angle than the one shown in the actual movie – but the words are extremely clear!

Other Residual Evidence:

If the evidence above wasn’t convincing enough, this is a picture of the original VHS tape Forrest Gump where the back of the box literally Focuses on the Famous Line.

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Even the most die-hard skeptics will have a hard time with this one. However, yet again – in this case there is a possible reason for the confusion.

Actually in the movie, the line is said BOTH ways. It is said in the present tense by Sally Field while she is lying on her deathbed and then it is said in the past tense by Tom while he is sitting on bus stop bench.  So many people claim that is a possible reason for the confusion.

Personally however, I do believe this is an actual Mandela Effect. Simply because this movie happens to be a personal favorite of mine, one I have seen at least 15 times or more and I truly never remember the word “was” used in ANY case until after the Mandela Effect.

Speaking of which – the following youtube video is the “NEW” version.

I use that term “new” loosely however, because it doesn’t matter what version of the movie you watch. Even if it is your old DVD or VHS tape that you have hidden away – you will now find THAT even that copy has now been changed to “was.”

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