New Mandela Effects #3 – The Berenstain vs. The Berenstein Bears

Some say that this Mandela Effect is the one that really put “The Mandela Effect” itself on the map!

So The Mandela Effect Is: Do You Remember The Last Name of the Bears to be Berenstain or Berenstein?

Even Fiona Broome, who originally “discovered” and coined the term “Mandela Effect” in 2009 agrees it was The Berenstain vs. The Berenstein Mandela Effect that made the entire phenomena go viral in 2015.

The Berenstain Bears book series debuted in 1962 with their first book, “The Big Honey Hunt”.

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Someone Refuses To Accept The Mandela Effect

Since then the series has sold approximately 260 million copies of their books with over 300 titles, written in 23 different languages!

Therefore it is no wonder that this particular Mandela Effect would garner so much attention and debate. Literally thousands of people originally remember the name to be The Berenstein Bears (myself included), only to find out that it was “supposedly” The Berenstain Bears the entire time.

I have to admit, this one personally shook me up a little because I distinctly remember around the age of 10 or 11 wondering if the correct pronunciation of the name was “steen” or “stine”.

If the name on the books was actually Berenstain. I obviously wouldn’t have any doubt on how to pronounce it.

This seems to be the same memory that many others have as well. People have even gone so far as to find ANY kind of “residue” they can proving that the original name was indeed Berenstein.

Old VHS Residue Showing Old Berenstein Spelling

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YouTube Video – TV Guide Residue

This Mandela Effect will probably always be included in the Top Ten or Top Twenty of Mandela Effects due to the astonishing amount of people who clearly remember Berenstein.

Check it out on Reddit

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If you would like to read more about The Berenstain Bears Effect – Reddit has a pretty interesting thread going  – just click on the pic.

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