New Mandela Effects #28 – Grease Movie – Song Lyric & Scene Changes

So The Mandela Effect Is: What Lyrics do you remember from the song “Greased Lightning” from the popular movie Grease?  This is a three-part question by the way.

  1. What 3 words does Danny use when describing the cars future possibilities? “Guys This Car can be: Ultramatic – Systematic – Hyyyydromatic” OR does he say “Guys This Car can be: Systematic -Hydromatic – Ultramatic?”

  2. Is the name of the song GREASE Lightning or GREASED Lightening?

  3. What Does Keneckie say during his part of the song “I’ll get the money – I’ll help you get the money” OR “We’ll get her ready – I’ll kill to get her ready!”

 When it comes to the super popular movie Grease (starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John) there appears to be quite a few Mandela Effect changes (and even possibly one “Time Travel” incident which we will discuss later).

First let’s start with the actual name of one the most popular songs from the movie. Most Grease fans (and there are quite a few die-hard ones) remember the title of the song being “Greased Lighting.”  Now however it appears to be “GREASE Lighting”.  Personally the “new” version doesn’t make much sense to me. “Greased Lightning” means a car that has been “primed”, “greased up” and ready to go. Whereas “Grease Lightning” – well, simply makes no sense.

The Second Mandela Effect – and probably one of the more significant ones, appears to be the lyrics in the song itself.

At the beginning of the song Danny (John Travolta) tries to get his fellow greasers excited about the cars’ future possibilities with the following intro:

“Guys This Car Can Be:




Why – it can be Greased Lighting!”

Now it has been changed to:

“Guys This Car Can Be:




Why – it can be Greased Lighting!”

I’m sorry but that is just not right. I was/am a HUGE Grease fan – and in this case I swear it is not faulty memory because the very dramatic way he dragged out the original word Hyyyydromatic is SO memorable!

Another debate regarding this song is what Keneckie says about his part in the fixing of the car.

Now I have to admit this particular Mandela effect confuses me a bit, because with this one I actually kind of remember it both ways – though I remember the first version much stronger.

When Kenicke sings (Pre-Mandela)

“I’ll get the money – I’ll help you get the money”

However, the New Mandela Effect version is now:

“We’ll get her ready – I’ll kill to get her ready!”

Below is a video that shows both of these “New” Mandela Effects. The following Youtube video was originally uploaded on Youtube on Jul 26, 2011 so you can see that it is not a new, changed or updated video.

And strangely enough, I am not the only one who remembers it both ways. Others I have asked experienced the same thing.  This is odd when it comes to Mandela Effects, because usually people are pretty emphatic that they remember it one way or the other – but rarely do they remember it BOTH ways.

And after doing some extensive research – I have so far not been able to find two different Official releases of the song.

Other Mandela Effects

There are a few other things that appear to have changed in the movie Grease.

When a very innocent Olivia sings Summer Nights I remember all of the girls (except Rizzo) around her being totally into her romantic “song/story”.

Now however, a woman appears to walk past a singing Olivia with her finger down her throat as if she is gagging.

Now this might sound silly, but back then Olivia/Sandy was my idol – and I believe I would have been slightly offended if I had noticed that the girl had made that gesture (just as I was ticked at Rizzo when she kicked Sandy off the bench.) See The Video Below:

Grease Mandela Effect Scene Where Girl Gags

I not only have no recollection of that scene with the girl gagging, but I also distinctly remember Olivia being front and center while singing and NO one walked in front of her – blocking her. I have seen this scene SO many times over the years – I remember EXACTLY how she looked while singing those exact words!

Interesting Possible Mandela Effect ” or “Time Travel” Issue:

What is interesting about the next Mandela Effect is that it possibly coincides with a “Time Travel” theory as well (which we cover on our other website).

At the very end of the song Summer Nights a man suddenly appears that no one seems to have ever noticed before. Not only is he wearing more modern clothes that don’t seem to quite fit in with the movie, he is also not seen in any other shot of the song. Stranger still is that he is also in what appears to be “The Thinker Pose” (another very prominent Mandela Effect by the way). See Video Below:

Mandela Effect – Man Dressed in Modern Clothes Suddenly Appears in Movie Grease – Time Traveler

So where on Earth did this guy come from? Why is he so prominently displayed in a shot that is filled with only women and a shot that is supposed to be focused mainly on Olivia and why don’t his clothes match the time?

Just for fun, if you were able to take a trip back into time, wouldn’t it be awesome to deliberately place yourself in one of your very favorite scenes in one of your favorite movies just because you could?

Wouldn’t it be even cooler that you pose like another known Mandela Effect, so that those “in the know” would realize what you had purposely done?

Just food for thought. …

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