New Mandela Effect #16 – Oscar Meyer or Oscar Mayer?

So the Mandela Effect Is: Do you remember it as Oscar Meyer or Oscar Mayer?

Chances are, if you are a bologna fan, you have eaten Oscar Mayer Bologna at least a couple of times in your lifetime. And chances are, if you are an older Bologna fan, the very popular1970’s commercial song might be playing in your head right now.

Which makes this Mandela Effect – if it IS an actual one – so hard to fathom. How can so many people “mis-remember” the spelling of a product that was literally spelled out for them at least a couple of times a week on television?

I have to admit at times I even found myself second guessing the spelling in the song while playing it in my head. Did the little boy sing “My Bologna has a first name – it’s OSCAR – my Bologna has a second name – it’s Meyer – instead of M-A-Y-ER? – Oscar Meyer or Oscar Mayer?

“No, no, no.” I told myself. “He really did sing M-A-Y-E-R. I KNOW he did”. However, now that I think about it – Mayer spells “MAY-OR” Not “MY-ER”. And I know the product it is not pronounced Mayor. It is pronounced Oscar MY-ER or MI-ER.”

And of coarse – in a “normal” world I would simply go to Youtube and find a copy of the old commercial to confirm it. Which I have indeed included below.

New Mandela – Oscar Mayer or Oscar Meyer?

Credit Source: YouTube Channel ddrower

Now in the “normal” world this video would/should be considered proof enough. However, this is “Mandela World” where books and movies and songs change right before your eyes. Even old copies you have had sitting on your shelves for the last 20 years.

And THEN of coarse there is the Residue: Oh that lovely residue which shows just HOW often OTHERS also remembered it differently – even way back when.

Here are just a FEW pictures and news articles where the name is misspelled over and over again. The REALLY interesting ones are the ones that actually HAVE the logo in a picture ABOVE or next to the article and yet the Name is STILL spelled incorrectly.

Oscar Mayer / Meyer Mandela Effect Residue

Oscar Mayer / Meyer Mandela Effect Residue

Oscar Mayer / Meyer Mandela Effect Residue

Oscar Mayer / Meyer Mandela Effect Residual Evidence

I particularly like this ad above – where they supposedly put an actual picture of the item itself – misspelled!

Or this one below where they announce the death of the Jingle Maker himself.

Oscar Mayer / Meyer Mandela Effect Residue

So what exactly does this all mean? DID so many people get it wrong so often due to just mispronunciation OR did the Logo/Name Change actually occur and this could be considered an actual Mandela Effect?

At this point, your guess is as good as mine. Vote Below to tell us how you remember it and see how others did as well. Also feel free to leave comments on any personal experiences that you might have had that may add some more clarity to the subject.

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