New Mandela Effects #13 – Field of Dreams “If You Build It….”

So the Mandela Effect Is: What is the famous whisper farm owner Ray Kinsella hears while he is standing in his corn field? “If you build it, THEY will come” or “If you build it HE will come?”

I just got finished stating in my last post that Crocodile Dundee would probably make my top 40 list of all time favorite movies. Well, if that is the case, that means that THIS movie would have to make into my top 20.

Probably due to my interest in the subject matter, I literally CAN’T count how many times I have seen this one. And this is another one I definitely WOULD have bet money on. In the original version he says “If you build it, THEY will come!” I swear by it.

At first you think the “they” are the baseball players. “If you build the field, they, the baseball players, will come to play. But then at the end, when the daughter says it again while sitting on the bleachers in the backyard, you realize that the “they” is referring to the crowds of people who will come to see the players play.

Now, however, since it has changed to “If you build it, HE will come” it has literally changed the whole movie for me.

The reason this Mandela Effect drives me batty is because if the original whisper had said “He” I would’ve been wondering the whole movie who the “he” was and would’ve assumed that at first it was referring to Terrence Mann – the author, then maybe Archibald “Moonlight” Graham, the Doctor who was always meant to play baseball, until the very end when the father showed up to play a very touching game of catch with his son, realizing that  “he” was the “he” they were referring to the whole time.

Then of coarse there is the line itself. I cannot tell you how many unique opportunities I have had over the years to actually use the line “If you build it they will come.” (You would actually be surprised how often that line fits a situation.)

Below is the YouTube Video With the “New” Line

Credit for Video: MovieClips

Residual Evidence of the “Old Way”

Below is a YouTube Video where YouTuber “MoneyBags73” has found a couple of instances of Residual Proof when it comes to the original quote including an article written by The Los Angeles Times regarding the death of the author of the original book. The article mentions how  “Key turns of phrases in Kinsella’s book — “If You Build It They Will Come” and “Go the Distance” — have taken their place in literature’s lexicon and among Hollywood’s most memorable movie lines.”

Credit for Video: MoneyBags76 

Other Residual Proof:

It is very interesting to me that many of these Mandela Effects – especially when it comes to movie line changes – happen to effect some of Hollywood’s MOST famous quotes and lines.

It feels as if, there were indeed someone deliberately making these changes, they are being sure to change the MOST famous of lines, books etc. to make SURE that we notice.  I mean… Star Wars, Forrest Gump, The Bible?!

“They” (if there even IS a they) are being sure to hit the biggies.  Sometimes where the changes are so different, they literally do not even make sense anymore or they change the whole meaning of a movie.

Febreze does not spell FeBREEZE to me – it spells FA-BREZ. Laz-e-boy does not spell Lazy Boy to me – it spells LAZ-e-boy.

But anyway…I digress.

So how do YOU remember the line from a Field of Dreams?

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