New Mandela Effect #11 – Looney TOONS or Looney TUNES?

So the Mandela Effect Is: Do you remember it as Looney TUNES or Looney TOONS?

We have noticed that some Mandela Effects cause a stronger reaction than others. This would definitely be considered one of them!

For anyone over the age of 35, Looney Tunes simply WAS our New Mandela Effect Looney Tunes Looney Toonssource of entertainment!  Sitting in front of the television with our bowls of cereal on Saturday mornings trying not to wake the parents, we watched these same cartoons over and over so often that we actually memorized them!

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, Road Runner and Wiley Coyote, Marvin the Martian. We all have our favorite characters, favorite episodes and favorite lines to repeat.

There is a good chance the opening melody is going through your head right now as you think about it and you clearly remember the logo that popped up in the background. Or do you? So the Question IS: Do you remember it as Looney TUNES or Looney TOONS?

So let us start out by saying that the “correct” answer is Looney TUNES. And that “technically” and “supposedly” it always HAS been.

But we can’t just leave the story there, because some pretty freaky things have occurred when it comes to this particular Mandela Effect that bears some serious looking into.

First of all a couple of interesting things have happened while we attempted to research this particular Mandela Effect or “Alternate Memory.” When we personally asked people which way they remembered it,  instead of getting a definitive answer on either, we MOST often got the answer that they actually remembered it BOTH ways!

So far, this is the first time this has happened. While we have gotten the answer that  people remembered it both ways on other Mandela Effects, it has never come out as the number ONE, most popular answer.

Now there are a couple of possible reasons that this can be the case, which I am about to go into. However, as you will see, things start to get a little freakier than usual when it comes to this particular Mandela Effect.

So let’s start with the possible reasons for the original confusion or “mis-memory” between Looney Tunes or Looney Toons.

Looney Tunes used to be a subsidiary of Merry Melodies. That is why it is called Looney Tunes.

However most of us remember (and use the argument) that the reason we know it was Looney TOONS, is because they were, after all, “carTOONS.”

New Mandela Effects Loony Tunes Looney Toons TinyToon Adventures Tiny ToonsAnd it didn’t make things any easier when in 1990 Warner Bros. came out with Tiny Toon Adventures.  The Tiny Toon Adventure logo has an extremely similar logo as the old Looney Tunes logo, therefore we can see why most people would remember it both ways. They wouldn’t be wrong, because in truth they actually HAD seen it both ways in some form or other.

Article To Be Continued…..

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