New Mandela Effects #2 – Risky Business

This Mandela Effect focuses around the popular movie Risky Business that was released in 1983 starring Tom Cruise.

So The Mandela Effect Is:  Do you remember Joel (Tom) wearing a White shirt and a pair of Sunglasses or a Pink Shirt with NO Sunglasses while singing  the song “That Old Time Rock & Roll”?

One of the most iconic scenes of the movie is when “Joel” slides on his socks across the hall and stops in a doorway wearing nothing but his underwear, a white button down dress shirt and a pair of sunglasses. He lip syncs the song  “That Old Time Rock & Roll” into a bronze candlestick holder.

New Mandela Effects Risky Business
Even In the Original Movie Cover Art The Infamous Glasses Were Front and Center

As a matter of fact, this scene was so popular it has been reenacted in several television sitcoms, movies and is even a popular Halloween Costume.

So What’s Changed?

  • Instead of the White Button Down Dress Shirt – the shirt he now wears is Pink.
  • The sunglasses are gone.

See The “New” Mandela Version Video Below:

Just for Fun

A clever youtuber by the name of KatieMilker decided she’s had enough of the Mandela effect and put the glasses back on for her own piece of mind!

This Mandela Effect is considered one of the more startling of effects because in this case SO many people remember it the “first” way. See some of the proof or “residue” as it is often referred to, below.

Famous Reenactments of the Iconic Dance:

Halloween Costumes Worn

new mandela effect risky business costume 2

new mandela effects risky busines costume 3,

Polyvore Ensembles

Interestingly, the white shirt started to eventually change to pink in Costume Store Ads and costume ensembles listed on websites like Polyvore.

So how can so many people remember it differently?

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