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Is the Mandela Effect Real?

So…Is the Mandela Effect Real? The truth is…..we can’t say for sure other than viewing the evidence that stands before us. The polls are a big help in at least ensuring that we are not the only ones that are experiencing these mysterious changes.

And as for what might possibly be causing it if it is real – again,  we can’t say for sure.  There are quite a few theories such as the “parallel universe” theory or that CERN might possibly be behind it.

We will dig deeper into some of these theories in future articles – but as of now – we are simply having fun!

The truth is, we simply find it fascinating and it seems that many other people do as well.  And while we will often state our own opinions and memories about each effect, we also do our best to include ALL information we come across, even if it actually proves our own memories wrong!

We aren’t on any kind of mission to prove or convince anyone that The Mandela Effect is real. The simple fact is – we don’t take this too seriously and we don’t want our readers to either.

Lively discussions, debates, opinions and personal experiences are welcome.  Insults however, against this site or against people who leave comments ARE NOT!! We will immediately delete and block any comments that are rude, insulting or that personally attack anyone.

It is very simple. If you are curious or interested in The Mandela Effect, then please enjoy your visit here and feel free to share your opinions and experiences. If you are not interested in the subject however or do not believe in it, then this is obviously not the site for you and your time would be better spent elsewhere.

In other words, TROLLS are NOT welcome! As for everyone else, we hope you enjoy your time here, thank you for visiting, and we hope that you come back often!

P.S. – If there is a Mandela Effect that you would like us to include on this site – please feel free to email us and we will do our best to include it.