A lively discussion at a family get together was the inspiration for this website. As my brother and myself introduced The Mandela Effect to other family members who had never heard of it, the party took on a life of its own as arguments and debates broke out about who remembered certain movie lines, logo changes and so many of the other Mandela changes happening around us..

Our curiosity and fascination grew as we started to count who remembered which version and, just as fascinating, were their explanations behind it.  For example, The Berenstein / Berenstain Bears Mandela Effect was one that affected me personally as I distinctly remember around the age of 12, wondering to myself if the correct pronunciation was “steen” or “stine”.

This obviously wouldn’t have been a question I would have had if it had been spelled Berenstain, for there is only one way to pronounce that spelling.

That was when we decided to create a site that had a voting poll so we could compare just how many people remembered the “old” vs. the “new”.

We’ve also added a prominent comment section on this site because the stories behind the memories are just as interesting.

So feel free to join in on the fun! Vote which way you remember each effect and use the comment section to tell the reasons behind your memories!

Please Note: You might come across a few effects on this site that you personally know for a fact is NOT a Mandela Effect, but a well known (at least to you), long-time common misconception. (For me personally that would be the Star Trek Mandela Effect. Quite a few people are convinced that the phrase “Beam Me Up Scotty” was absolutely said in the series and has now suddenly disappeared. But the truth is, I, as a self-professed Trekkie, have been aware for many years that those words were never actually said in any episode.)

Rather than exclude Effects such as these on the site altogether however, we simply decided to offer “I don’t consider this a Mandela Effect” option in the voting options so people who are curious will have an answer.

We also have a contact page to help us discover New Mandela Effects that we haven’t heard of yet. So please feel free to contact us if there is a new Mandela Effect you have come across or experienced and would like to get others opinions on.  We will do our best to put up as many new effects as we can so you can find out how many people remember it the way you do!